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  • Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director, Ryerson DMZ
    Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director, Ryerson DMZ

    Abdullah Snobar is the Executive Director of the DMZ at Ryerson University, the top-ranked university based startup incubator in North America and third in the world by UBI Global.

    Abdullah leads a team that is passionate about helping Canadian tech startups scale to world-class businesses and realize their full potential. He drives the DMZ’s key priorities to provide innovative support for startups, increase business development and market expansion opportunities and foster stronger local and international community partnerships.

    Abdullah has a diverse professional background which includes experience with the Canadian Armed Forces, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management and building his own group-buying startup, Social Butler.

    Motivated by community development and civic engagement, Abdullah also participates in numerous industry and community boards, most recently joining the Board of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Arab Community Centre of Toronto, Toronto Core Leadership Table and CivicAction’s mentor committee. He also helped create SupaMaasai, a non-profit foundation in Kenya that strives to improve the quality of living for the Maasai community, with a focus on women and youth.

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    Discovery Judges

  • Eric Freilich, Volunteer, Osgoode Venture Capital Clinic
    Eric Freilich, Volunteer, Osgoode Venture Capital Clinic

    Eric is in his final year of the JD/MBA program at Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business, with a focus on corporate law and entrepreneurship. He has spent time helping social innovators with their start-up and funding needs through the Osgoode Venture Capital Clinic, completed a consulting project for a well-known Canadian resort, and helped launch the Canadian distribution branch for an Indian bath and kitchenware company. He also represented Osgoode in the 2017 Davies Corporate/Securities Law Moot, captained the Osgoode Hall soccer team, and is Co-President of the JD/MBA Students’ Association.

    Eric’s background is in fine arts, and he holds a BFA in theatre from the University of British Columbia. Prior to beginning the JD/MBA program, he worked as an actor and stunt performer, writer, director, and producer in theatre, TV, and film. He is now a student-at-law at Dentons Canada LLP, and spent time in their corporate and litigation groups last summer. He worked closely with their start-up group on a couple of projects, and eagerly returns for more this summer.

  • Andre Bellerive, co-founder and CEO, Spivo Inc.
    Andre Bellerive, co-founder and CEO, Spivo Inc.

    Andre Bellerive is the CEO and co-founder of Spivo Inc., a camera accessory company focusing on adventure seekers and travelers all over the world. Previously, Andre was a Masters student at the University of Ottawa researching the underlying dynamics of unstable explosions for applications in propulsion systems and fire safety. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta and moved to Ottawa, Ontario at a young age where he grew up doing stunts on his BMX, skis, and surfboard. After several injuries (20+ shoulder dislocations) he needed an injury free hobby. That's when he fell in love with photography and cinematography. Little did he know it would turn into his biggest passion. Now Andre is designing and inventing new camera accessories so action sport enthusiasts, like himself, can capture their experiences and create life long memories.

  • Jane Wang, co-founder and CEO, Optimity Inc.
    Jane Wang, co-founder and CEO, Optimity Inc.

    Jane Wang co-founded Optimity Inc. after spending 8 years across hospitals, pharmaceutical & healthcare consulting. She is passionate about innovation and preventative health using passive data and mobile technology. As CEO of Optimity, her team has deep industry expertise in health management, behaviour coaching, and workflow management for better health and organizational productivity.

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  • Karl Martin, Founder and CTO, NYMI
    Karl Martin, Founder and CTO, NYMI

    Karl is the Founder and CEO of Nymi. Nymi is the maker of the Nymi Band, a wristband that authenticates identity using the wearer’s cardiac rhythm, and serves to replace passwords, PINs, keys, and cards.

    Pre-launched late 2013, with first shipments going out in December 2014, the Nymi Band has gained worldwide attention, being covered in Wired, Popular Science, The New York Times, BBC, The Economist, Forbes, and many others.

    Karl has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, with expertise in biometrics, security, and privacy.

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  • Maayan Ziv, Founder, AccessNow
    Maayan Ziv, Founder, AccessNow

    Maayan Ziv is an activist, a photographer and an entrepreneur. From a young age, Maayan challenged norms and worked within her community to increase awareness of disability issues and improve accessibility.

    Living with Muscular Dystrophy, Maayan is a passionate and relentless advocate for creating a more accessible world. In 2015, Maayan founded AccessNow, a mobile app that maps the accessibility of places worldwide. She has since been a regular media commentator on topics such as disability, diversity and inclusion. In 2016, Maayan received the City of Toronto Access Award, the Startup Canada National Resilient Entrepreneur of the Year and the David C. Onley Leadership in Accessibility Award in recognition of her innovative solutions and commitment to improving the lives of people of all abilities.

    Maayan also sits on the boards of the Toronto Arts Council and the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television Arts and a Master’s degree in Digital Media at Ryerson University.

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