Smart steering wheel

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After interviewing a Toronto police officer, we discovered that a large number of single-vehicle accidents are due to heart-related problems. We are proposing a smart steering wheel built in the car equipped with bendable heart rate sensors wrapped around the steering wheel so that no matter how you hold it, your heart rate is being measured. The sensors will be programmed to recognize an irregular heart pattern that could indicate the driver is in distress and take the appropriate action.


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It’s a Monday morning and rick, a middle-aged man is on his way to work. Middle-aged men are in the most danger of having a heart attack. In Canada, 65 heart attacks occur while driving. Rick is one of the thousands across North America who are in danger of having a heart attack while driving. Driving under life-threatening situations not only puts his life at stake but others around him as well. Unfortunately, Rick is about to have a heart attack. He could have caused a major accident like this. Ladies and Gentlemen, the solution is simple, a smart steering wheel equipped with an integrated heart rate sensor. It is designed to monitor the heartbeats of the driver and detect irregular patterns that could indicate a heart attack, driver fatigue, or distress in general and take appropriate action to reduce the danger to the driver and surrounding vehicles. The system will interact with drivers through an app connected to the hands-free system installed in the majority of manufactured cars today. Drivers will enter crucial information so that the system understands the driver and connects on a more human level. For example, if the driver has a known heart condition, they will enter this into the app to eliminate false alarms. Now, this is what would’ve happened if our technology was integrated into the steering wheel at the time. The bendable heart rate sensors wrapped around the steering wheel would have picked up the irregular heart rate pattern and warned Rick as it is warning him now. “Danger! Irregular heart rate pattern detected. Please pull over safely, emergency services are on their way” Rick pulls over out of harm's way and eliminates the danger to him as well as other vehicles on the road.


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