Sister Solutions - Date Rape Prevention

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Uploaded by Leah Dang in Brampton
Region: Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board      Category: Social Enterprise
School Name: St. Roch CSS

Our product is a chemically developed item in the shape of an ice cube that is formulated to detect most substances that are used in date rape drugs. The formula was developed with experts in chemistry. The motive of our product is to have women equipped with the ability to enjoy their freedom without the worry of being violated unknowingly.


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When the topic of drink spiking is brought up everyone knows what it is, how dangerous it is. The thing is we have the mentality where we think this could never happen to me. The reality of it is that anyone can be a victim of drink spiking. It's a very real issue and something that prodominantly woman must fear everytime they enter a drinking environment. The experience of a fun night out is replaced with paranoia. Perpetrators use harmful date rape drugs to sexually assault, abduct and overall take advantage of their victims. This can happen as soon as you take your eyes off your drink for even a second. The problem is, within our society today we have so many issues occurring at once is that this serious issue is just swept under the rug, believed not as important to take on or raise awareness towards. We have innovated a product that can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of drink spiking. We have come up with the idea to create an indicator disguised as an ice cube. It would detect the three most common used date rape drugs being GHB, Catamine and Rohypnol. These drugs cause the victim to be disoriented within 15-20 minutes and last up until 3-4 hours. The thing with these drugs is that they are colourless, odorless and instantly dissolvable easily disguising them from being noticed. We wanted our product to immediately notify anyone if their drink has been tampered with, eliminating the fear and paranoia of being drink spiked and allowing them to enjoy themselves without a constant worry. In order to do this we have designed a product that mimics an ice cube shape and look being it's transucent with little visability. Inside is the indicator which changes colour if it detects one of the three drugs. To use our product you simply leave it in your drink throughout the night and dispose of it as soon as your finished. We've designed it to be convenient, descereit and easy to use. Our product is intended to raise awareness and start a conversation promoting women empowerment where they don't have to be afraid of being victims or coming forward. This is a real issue that women live through every day but no one thinks is a big problem. We hope to create a product that makes women feel stronger and independant, where they don't have to rely on anyone and protect themselves from people that see them as easy targets. Our products name is Sister Solutions, in hope of bring women together and taking a step into a safer community.


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