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Memento is an emerging business dedicated to the innovative research and development of the Memento Drug Delivery System. The technology of Memento will revolutionize dementia-management by eliminating the need for self-administered medication.


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Each day, hundreds of thousands of people across Canada suffer from dementia and the memory loss that comes with it. At times they may struggle to remember what you and I take for granted; what they eat, where they are, and even who they are! Yet, each day they rely so heavily on medication to ease the symptoms of memory loss. That’s when we thought how… how is it fair to these individuals to challenge their diminishing memory to remember to medicate. Truthfully, it’s not. This is exactly why we have created the Memento Drug Delivery System, an implantable medical device capable of abolishing the need for self-administered dementia management drugs. Our innovative hypodermic delivery system is comprised of a matchstick-sized device that can store up to one year’s worth of medication. Within the device is an osmotic mini pump. Once placed just beneath the skin, water from the extracellular fluid enters the pump device at one end into a salt osmotic engine that drives a piston at a controlled rate. This forces the drug within the pump to be released in a steady, consistent fashion at the opposite end. With no implantable medical device ever before to provide a continuous flow of medication, Memento is utilizing our technology to pioneer the way to the future of dementia treatment. Our device directly addresses the problems of drug noncompliance within our target market as a controlled rate of medication abolishes the possibility of overuse, underuse, changing consumption times, or skipped doses. Through in-depth analysis, we have decided that our ideal target market will be comprised of Canadian individuals at or over the age of 65 diagnosed with mild to moderate dementia. 93% of those currently diagnosed with dementia are 65 or older and as the Baby Boom Generation enters this target age range, we can expect an influx in our market. Think about a world where no one has to worry about their loved ones, think about a world where no one has to worry about their illness or their medication. Think about a world with memento. We’re ready for it, are you?


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