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Region: Toronto and Area Region      Category: Retail Goods
School Name: RH King Academy

A perfect, simple, and sleek portable workstation! Bring your work to go, with the portoworko.


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In 2017, the TTC was used 533 million times. On average, Torontonians spend 96 minutes on the TTC everyday. 96 minutes is a lot of time. We might spend that time sleeping, chatting, playing on our phones, or simply staring out the window. But now more than ever, people are always on-the-go, living their daily lives second by second, trying to accomplish the most. There’s surely a better way to spend those 96 minutes - working! It sounds logical, doesn’t it? Public transit gives you two free hours to do work. But why aren’t people using it for that purpose? *cut to interviews* EVELYN: How many hours do you spend on the TTC? TEACHER: Oh, I spend two hours a day. STUDENT: Three or four. TEACHER: Too many. Too many hours. I go in the morning, I go in the afternoon... EVELYN: Do you ever do work on the TTC? STUDENT: No, never. TEACHER: Well I try, I mean I am a teacher. TEACHER: Do work? On the TTC? Are you out of your mind? EVELYN: and why not? STUDENT: Um, you know, because it keeps moving. TEACHER: Things fall all over the place. TEACHER: It's not a desk, right, its the TTC. The solution to the common problem of the lack of a workspace… THE PORTOWORKO! The portoworko is an ergonomic backpack that is able to easily transform into a workstation. Simply unzip the ergonomic foam padding, push the padding to the back, and voila! There you have it. A perfectly nice workstation, with a flat surface - ensuring that no matter how turbulent your ride may be, your workstation will stay intact. This is a perfect backpack for people that are on the go and wish to be productive, like students! Like teachers! And, like you! What makes the portoworko unique is it’s ergonomic design, and effective table-top. Most “portable workstation bags” are designed solely with efficiency in mind, disregarding the factor of comfort. The porto-worko has foam ergonomic padding to support the backpack when travelling, causing less discomfort and aches when wearing the backpack for an extended period of time. R These added features make the PORTOWORKO the best portable workstation on the market, and the best backpack for those who wish to make the most of their time. The cost to produce the portoworko is $45.00 They are being sold for $59.99, a price that is typical of a good quality backpack. So the next time you find yourself on those signature red and blue seats, don’t waste your time by playing on your phone, or staring out into space. Bring your work to go, with PortoWorko!


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