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Hair cuts have always been a problem; they either never turn out right or just cost way too much. People then proceed to buy home hair cutter but are unable to use them due to their lack of actability to single, low skill users. Hair-Matic is here to change all of that, without making such a significant change on your bank account. Hair-Matic is sure to keep you beaming with joy over your new hair cut. Hair-Matic, so how will your hair turn out?


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You’ve probably already gone to the barber too many times just to get haircut you didn’t end liking, maybe because the barber doesn’t listen or understand to your intended hairstyle, lacks the skill to cut hair properly or maybe its because hair cuts are absurdly expensive, increasing in price by about 100% in the last two decades. Then you think to yourself, buying a personal hair cutter is way better than going to any barber, ill have full freedom over my hair, save money, save time and…., and then you stop because you realize there is a problem; You can’t use a hair cutting machine yourself, you’ll defiantly just end up destroying your hair. You just wish there was a ‘zero-risk’ hair cutting machine that wouldn’t cost much and will allow you to cut your hair all by yourself. They are introducing “Hair-matic”. ‘Hair-matic” is a computerized Hair cutter which incorporates gyroscopic technology along with having a single, adjustable clip. The gyroscope works by using the angle of the machine clip relative to a horizontal surface to apply a specific pre-programmed cutting length to the machine clip. For example, the top of your head is about 0 degrees; the gyroscope will recognize this and send a signal, changing the clip size and thus hair length in that specific area to your personal specifications. Pre-programmed haircuts can also be downloaded from the website where by choosing from a head type, the gyroscope can be adapted, and the customer can just easily program their own specifications if need. The “Hair-matic” can also be adapted to facial hair grooming and the user will always have the option of using it manually without the programmed haircuts, making a device that combines a trimmer and commercial hair cutter like no other has. The single clip also saves the hassle of having multiple clips to continuously switch. For a projected price of 89.99$, “Hair-matic” competes with the mid-range market prices of hair cutters but will extremely competitive as it is the only product that is intended for a single person in mind. And on the behalf of hair matic, I should ask you, “how will your hair turn out??”


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