Breakfast Bites

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Uploaded by michael visouvath in london
Region: London District Catholic School Board      Category: Social Enterprise
School Name: Saint Thomas Aquinas

Breakfast Bites are healthy balls that have all the nutrients, calories, and vitamins the average adult needs for breakfast. One ball is just a tad bit bigger than a golf ball and it has the ingredients compacted into it to make it 460 calories. By eating one of the balls your breakfast needs are satisfied. Our brand will also be a social enterprise considering the fact that we will donate one dollar of every purchase to local food shelters to give back to the community.


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Jack- I wish i had time for breakfast I’m so hungry! Michael- More than 53% of adults in North America skip breakfast at least once a week, and 12% never eat breakfast. Patrik- This is a big problem and it is mainly caused by a lack of time in the morning, and fortunately we have a solution to this problem Jack- introducing breakfast bites! Patrik- With our breakfast bites all you have to do is grab one out of the bag, eat it, and your breakfast needs are satisfied Michael- Our healthy and tasty bites contain the necessary calories, nutrients, and vitamins that you require for breakfast Jack- We have many healthy ingredients included in our bites such as chia seeds, flax seeds, and ginseng Michael- Our breakfast bites are also completely vegan, have 0 trans fats, and contain no cholesterol Patrik- Ginseng, a special ingredient in our bites, helps the brain function, boosts the immmune system, and increases energy levels which is yet another positive thing about our breakfast bites Patrik- Our bites are not only time savers, but also a very healthy choice for breakfast Michael- There is no cooking involved on your part, our bites are pre-packaged in quantity’s of ten which is equal to 10 full breakfasts Michael- We also plan to donate one dollar to local food shelters for every bag we sell to give back to our community and show our generosity for others Jack- We believe our business will succeed because there isn’t really and product in the market like ours Michael- We can also get good distribution by partnering up with schools and getting our product put into their cafeterias Patrick- Our target market willl be teens and young adults who have fast paced lifestyles because they are the ones who are in need of breakfast so they can be fueled for the day Michael- We will sell our breakfast bites for $10 which is a fair price considering the bag will last you 10 full breakfast meals Patrick- Our product will fit the needs of our target market because it will keep them healthy, save them time, and give them an opportunity to support the community since $1 of their purchase is going to food shelters Michael- Our business model involves giving back to the community, and consumers these days like to see that kind of thing. So because of this people will see us as a good company and they will want to support us with a purchase


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