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The “Reuse-a-band” essentially is a luggage belt that has a GPS tracker in the buckle. The GPS device easily sinks up to an app downloaded on buyers phones which directs them to where their luggage is located. The product helps to eliminate the stress of searching for luggage while trying to get to your destination. The band is also made strictly from recycled plastic making it eco friendly. The recycled plastic not only improves the earth, but makes it easily identifiable by users.


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Script By: Adrianna Di Liello and Olivia Pellizzari SCENARIO 1 *Waiting for bag impatiently* ADRI: How long is this going to take? I’m going to be late! *Announcement is made on PA system that the luggage from her flight has been moved to another pick up station” ADRI: Are you serious? SOLUTION LIV: Have you ever found yourself in a frustrating situation like this while travelling? What if you had an app and product that could diffuse the confusion and panic when picking up your luggage? Well do we have a solution for you! With reuse-a-band, you can purchase an easy to use band that contains a GPS device that connects directly to your phone. The GPS device allows buyers to keep track of where there luggage is expected to be delivered, and allows them to be ahead of any delayed announcements. The reuse-a-band is made from recycled plastic making each band not only eco friendly, but unique from other manufactured bands, allowing it to be easily identified by users. The reuse-a-band also helps to keep luggage secure in the event that zippers or compartments were to break. SCENARIO 2 *Adri waiting for luggage impatiently* ADRI: All these bags look the same! SOLUTION LIV: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep track of which bag is yours?The band comes in many different colours and patterns, making your bag uniquely fit to you. The Reuse-a-band app can tell you exactly where along the line your bag is so you don’t have to guess. SCENARIO 3 (connects to scenario 2) *Grabs a bag, opens it, and her stuff in it isn’t hers* ADRI: this isn’t even my bag! *Keeps waiting but luggage never shows up* ADRI: Oh no! My luggage must have not made it on the flight. SOLUTION LIV: It’s annoying to find out that your luggage hasn’t followed you home and then having to wait in long line ups to have to figure out how to re-unite with your bag. Through the Reuse-a-band app, you can book the return flight to get your bag back home safely to you. The Reuse-a-band app is simple and efficient. With the unique code on the back of the GPS chip that you purchase, you can punch in this code on the app, insert your flight information and instantly have access to the location of your bag. The app has five tabs that you can press that will notify the destination of where your bag is expected to land, which terminal to pick it up from and where along the carousel your bag is, and another tab allows you to arrange how to receive lost luggage. The other tab allows you to shop off of our app and to choose and design a band fit right for you! Bands come in many shapes and sizes and with customizable options you can make a band perfectly fit to your bag and you can add a lock. Travelling should be easy and stress free, Reuse-a-band helps accomplish this wish. Reuse-a-band isn’t only useful for just airports, but goes for any form of travelling or any instance where you’re afraid that you won’t be able to locate your bag. Reuse-a-band, travel in peace!


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