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Uploaded by Taylor Contento in Toronto
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School Name: Etobicoke School of the Arts

My video is describing a new bio tech product that I designed. The product will be used to clean oceans and lakes by capturing micro plastics and starting the decomposition process. I describe in the video how the product will be constructed and how I will sell this product to not only environmental groups but energy companies as well. Overall my product is designed to help restore and save the planet.


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MAKE YOUR PITCH H2novO Revita Earth Hi my name is Taylor contento and my company is H2novO. We are developing a product that will significantly alter the planet. We are on the verge of saving the world's oceans from the devastating effects of mankind's responsibility. As you may know, the pacific ocean garbage patch is presumed to be 1.6 million square kilometers, and is twice the size of Texas or three times the size of France. Did you know that 1.15 to 2.41 million metric tonnes of plastic, are entering the ocean each year. We have a massive problem on our hands! My idea is a revolutionary product shaped like an orb and made out of a strong metal, that will over time help clean the ocean. My product will capture microplastics and start the decomposition process through heat and compression, while also containing the harmful chemicals to prevent them from being released into the water. How do I plan on containing these chemicals? Inside the orb there will be multiple layers of filters to absorb the carbon, methane, and other harmful chemicals. The product itself will also be designed like a puzzle that will lock once it’s full! My target market is everyone from interested governments and environmental groups, to large- scale energy companies. As for my competition they will also be energy companies looking to extract chemicals from the captured microplastics. But ultimately, our most important target market consists of those who are determined to help save the planet. I need your help to make my idea a reality and get my business up and running. I am currently trying to determine the proper filters, internal and external structure needed to finalize this product. Due to this we are currently in the early stages of initial product design and small scale prototyping. I recognize the magnitude of this task, but i’m confident we will succeed.I am currently seeking assistance from a professor of Biology and professional chemist to continue to determine the physical and chemical attributes of this product. I believe that we will succeed due to the limited bio technology machines working to save our oceans. This planet has taken care of us for years, now it’s time to return the favour. Thank you


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