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Uploaded by Bentley Chen in Markham
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School Name: Markham District High School

A teen’s first car is a milestone in their lives, but there are countless mistakes one can make when purchasing one. The Shop - Youth Auto Sourcing is a service created to help guide teens in purchasing their first car. Through The Shop, customers and clients will not only improve their safety and confidence behind the wheel, but also save money - guaranteed.


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Hi I’m Bentley Chen, founder of The Shop A teenager’s first car is a milestone in independence and freedom, so it’s understandable why 90% of teens say they want to own a car. Despite this, over 80% of the parents don’t believe that their children are ready for car ownership, and who can blame them? Their child’s safety is their number one priority, and with the average teenager spending $2000 on their first car, they’re not driving the safest ones on the road. When I bought my first car, I wanted the most bang for my buck, so I avoided the dealerships. All they do is wash the cars, and jack up the price. To get the best deal, I hopped on Kijiji and set up a meet. Turns out, I was way in over my head. Because didn’t know what problems to look out for, how to negotiate, and how to walk away from a deal. From that point forward, I wanted to make sure nobody else made the same mistakes that I made, and that’s how The Shop was born. Here at The Shop, our #1 priority is your safety, and saving you money. Through The Shop’s Youtube and social media, I will personally be creating content to help you buy your first car. All of this content will be 100% free and public, used to promote and build credibility. But, say you’re still feeling unsure little about buying your first car alone, or just don’t have to the time for car hunting. Well, that’s where I come in. By hiring one of The shop’s Wheeler dealers like myself, we will sit down with you to: find the right car to fit your needs and budget. Set up a meet that fits your schedule. Go with you to inspect the car, and help you negotiate down the price. Our slogan “The Best Deal For Your New Wheels” isn’t just a catchphrase, and we’ll put our money where our mouth is, if we don’t reduce the price 1.5X what you’re paying us, we’ll pay it out of our own pockets. But you might be wondering, why should I trust a kid like this? I got a passion for 2 things, business, and cars, making me your #1 guy for a car deal. But don’t take my word for it, in the past 9 months alone, I’ve received over 5 different awards in business and negotiation; and been to over 20 motorcycle and car deals, purchasing and selling 5 in total. If you believe in The Shop, I’d appreciate if you voted for my pitch, and shared it on social media.


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