Dry Shampoo Hairbrush

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Our product combines a hairbrush with dry shampoo to make a two-in-one solution! Dry shampoo is shampoo in powder form typically found in spray cans, meaning no water is needed for it to work. You simply press a button on the hairbrush's handle, and a light spray of dry shampoo is released. The Dry Shampoo Hairbrush gets rid of tangles, makes your hair look cleaner, saves you time, space, and money! It's perfect for those who are often busy, run late, or just need a quick fix for their day.


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Are you a busy person? Do you need a quick fix for greasy or tangled hair? We have a solution for you! Our product combines a regular hairbrush with dry shampoo, making it a two in one solution! Dry shampoo is shampoo in powder form found in spray bottles, meaning no water is needed for it to work. You get rid of your tangles without the white or brown streaks that come with a regular dry shampoo application because the hairbrush spreads it across evenly. We have a replaceable container of dry shampoo inserted inside of the back of the hairbrush. When you press the button located on the hairbrush’s handle, it triggers the container to release the dry shampoo. The dry shampoo exits lightly out of tiny holes found between the bristles of the brush and allows you to brush your hair while making it look cleaner! One container comes with the hairbrush and lasts anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on how frequently it’s used. After that, dry shampoo containers are sold separately Our target market is primarily women ages 13-30. We’ve chosen this demographic because they would use our product more than others, and they’re also easier to market to through social media. The dry shampoo hairbrush is especially useful for those who are often late, do outdoor activities like camping, and are busy with sports since it saves them time and money. The dry shampoo hairbrush is an innovative product that can help you feel like your best self. Our advantage is that we’re unique; there’s no one else doing what we do on the market! Instead of buying a hairbrush and dry shampoo separately - which is time consuming and costly - you can buy our product! Shampchamp, look and feel like a champion.


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