Reuse, Shampoo, Recycle

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Uploaded by Kevin Debartolo in Toronto
Region: Toronto District School Board      Category: Environment
School Name: Richview Collegiate Institute

Reuse, Shampoo, Recycle, "More Cash in Your Pocket" Our product is a machine that is very similar to a water bottle filling station that allows users to insert a bottle, select a shampoo or conditioner hair product they'd like, pay for it and receive it dispensed into their bottle. This would help the planet as it would reduce the amount of waste thrown out by each person, but also save the user money, as refilling their bottles would be cheaper than buying new bottles every time.


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Reuse Shampoo Recycle, “More Cash, in Your Pocket”. Our goal as owners of Reuse Shampoo Recycle is to save the environment, save your time, save your money and to eventually launch our product globally. Did you know that 91% of plastic material isn’t recycled each year? And that 500 million plastic straws are used every day. Nearly 2 million plastic bags are distributed every minute worldwide, Every year over 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills but with our product, that number could be drastically reduced. Our business Reuse, Shampoo, Recycle is a machine that’s very similar to water bottle filling stations, but for shampoo and conditioner products. Here’s how it works: Users will go to our machine with their empty shampoo or conditioner bottle, They will place their bottle in our machine and select the product and quantity they’d like. After the customer pays, the product they selected will start dispensing, filling their bottle. It's simple and effective. We plan to have our product in major chains like Costco and Shoppers so they’ll be easily accessible. This product would be cheaper than buying shampoo bottles every time as well as being better for the environment. We target environmentalists and millennials looking to go green and reduce their waste As our product not only helps them save money but also the environment. This way they can feel confident that they are combating plastic waste. With almost no competition we will easily dominate the market and make it easier and more affordable for families to stay clean Currently, we are only seeing the start of how carbon emissions will affect our world, we need to start thinking about our futures and that starts with our machine, a simple way to save money and the earth. Join the fight to have more cash in your pocket, and a beneficial cause. Visit our website at


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