Heat Shovel

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Uploaded by Ryan Marotta in Toronto
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School Name: Richview Collegiate Institute

The heat shovel is a shovel that has a battery placed in the handle which heats the blade to a temerature which is able to melt and instanly dry up to 6 inches of snow. Hope you enjoy our video and if you have any questions please call 647-992-6812. Just to note we have not made a protoype so we don't have the exact product specifications. Thanks!


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Heat Shovel Product Proposal Script Ryan: according to the national post, Toronto sees about 130 centimetres in snowfall each year. This leaves homeowners with the task of clearing snow, which many don’t want to do. Cam: most people don’t have the budget to purchase a snow blower or to hire a snow service Ryan: this leaves homeowners only one option which is snow manually, which can lead to many other problems Cam: according to Web MD, a new 17-year study shows that snow shovelling can sometimes lead to bad backs, broken bones, head injuries, and even deadly heart problems Ryan: I wish there was a better solution than just shovelling, there has to be something on the market. Cam: this snowblower cost me a fortune and the snow just goes right back on the driveway. Ryan: we came up with a product that will solve all your problems Cam: the heat shovel! Ryan: Hey I’m Ryan Cam: and I’m cam Ryan: and we are the founders of the heat shovel Ryan: we designed the heat shovel to provide homeowners with a much cost effective and efficient way to clear snow off their driveway Cam: the heat shovel has high intensity infrared electromagnetic heating built into the shovel that is powered by a small rechargeable lithium ion battery in the handle Ryan: the small lithium-ion battery will be placed at the top of the shovel so it won’t interfere with the shovelling capabilities you will operate it just like any other shovel and you will be able to melt and dry instantly up to six inches of snow Cam: the blade of the heat shovel operates at 300 degrees Celsius so it instantly melts and drys the snow Ryan: the blade of the heat shovel will be enclosed in a protective case that way there is no risk of you burning yourself Cam: the heat shovel is made out of graphene which is 10 times stronger than steel more durable, and much lighter Ryan: the starting price of the heat shovel will be 149 dollars Cam: the cost of the heat shovel is significantly lower than the price it would cost to hire a snow shovelling service, or the price to purchase a snow blower Ryan: at the start, our target market will be residential homeowners. When the heat shovel succeeds in residential areas, we will hopefully move into more industrial applications such as snow plows that can clear large parking lots. For further information, please visit our website at www.heatshovel.ca * Note that there have been no prototypes made and more research would have to be conducted before making a prototype. This is just a short pitch to get the idea of the product! Works Cited https://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/news/20110120/snow-shoveling-injures-thousands-each-year#1 https://nationalpost.com/news/toronto/snowfall-in-toronto-by-the-numbers


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