Hockey Stick Holder

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Uploaded by Molly Collier in Harrow
Region: Greater Essex County District School Board      Category: Retail Goods
School Name: Kingsville District High School

The hockey stick holder is a prototype of the product, it is made from PVC tubing and Velcro. It connects to the car grab handles and causes no damage to the vehicle and can be detached and reattached if needed. The sticks are held firmly and safely in place because the safety of passengers is very important.


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My family is very pro-hockey and my brothers are always going far away and travelling. I've become sick and tired of having my head smashed against the sticks or in the door and almost breaking the sticks so I've made this. It is to hold the hockey sticks in place so they don't get trapped in the door or hit your head off of them when you get in the car. It has worked for us! So there are two of these (points to the product) one in the back and one in the front and as you can see there is a whole lot of growing room. As they grow, and their sticks grow they will still be able to fit. There's a lot of space inside so you can fit a goalie stick or multiple sticks. My brothers are twins so we need four sticks and they all fit perfectly. I'm really excited about this! I've had this struggle for many years. It was fine when they were little and we could put their sticks in their bags but now that they are twelve they are a lot bigger so I'm constantly hitting my head on them and getting upset. I think this is the perfect product for Hockey Families. I'm Molly Collier and I'm a grade 11 student at Kingsville High School.


Kathy Beaudoin posted 2018-03-29 3:09pm

Such a great idea! we will use it for our fishing poles!

michael wittmann posted 2018-03-26 9:29am

we need this idea! truly brilliant

kekistani official posted 2018-03-26 9:26am

I love it!

kekistani official posted 2018-03-26 9:25am

i think that this is an amazing idea that we can use in our country!

Mary Drouillard posted 2018-03-25 11:32am



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