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Uploaded by Prayag Shah in Brampton
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School Name: North Park Secondary School

Did you know that the way we package items is the main reason that our forests and jungles are drowned in garbage? Well not for long! Introducing Mealeaf, a bowl made of leaves. Mealeaf is a leaf made bowl that is biodegradable and compostable, just like a leaf falling from a tree. No more killing trees for paper plates or bowl! Next time you leave for a picnic or have a barbecue, be sure to impress everyone with a new and cool type of bowl. All you have to do is eat, finish, and compost


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Transcript Here we have beautiful sceneries of trees and forests. Think this is real life? It’s not. Reality is garbage and deforestation! Would you believe that the cause is because of the way we package things? Well, before it’s too late, we can fix that. Introducing Mealeaf, a bowl made of leaves! Mealeaf is biodegradable and compostable product, just like a leaf falling from a tree! The age group for this item is everyone, because Mealeaf is just a bowl made of leaves! Nothing harmful to anyone! The word Mealeaf is obtained from 2 words, meal and leaf! Essentially, this product is a meal inside a leaf. The Mealeaf is also very durable and strong, and can easily hold liquids with no problem! It can hold water, soup, etc. I personally think that this idea is amazing because almost no one has seen a product like this in North American markets. Plus, the material cost for a bowl is essentially nothing, because all the leaves I obtain are ones that have already fallen off its tree. They’re free! The only things that would be paid include labor, transportation, and distribution. Wait, what will it solve? Well, not only could Mealeaf create a greener world, it could also reduce littering. If we continuously drown our forests with garbage, might as well do it with a product that is biodegradable. Now, some people may ask how is this better than using paper plates and bowls, when you can easily put them in recycling? Well, it’s recycling is not the problem, it’s the paper itself! To make a paper bowl or plate, it is needed to cut down trees, which is obviously horrible! With Mealeaf all you need to do is eat, finish, and compost! So, what are you waiting for? Go on Mealeaf’s website and order some bowls for your next picnic or barbeque! Let’s make our Earth better one step at a time.


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