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How many times have you thrown out a food product that seemed perfectly fine just because the expiry date said otherwise? Have you ever felt this was a waste? The Feedle is a food needle that can help you determine if your food is fresh and safe to eat or should be thrown away - regardless of the expiry date. The Feedle - check first, dig in.


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Powtoon Video Written Transcription: Elia Xhindole, Madison McElroy, Mariam Majeed Slide 1/Title Slide (2s) Slide 2 (10s) : Did you know that 31 billion dollars worth of food is wasted in Canada each year? Approximately 47% of this food waste happens at home. Slide 3 (9s) : The date labels for food are indirectly encouraging people to throw out their leftovers. Because of this, ⅓ of food produced for humans is wasted every year. Slide 4 (9s) : 91% of consumers throw food away based on the “best by” date out of a mistaken concern for food safety. Our product, the Feedle, wishes to minimize this waste. Slide 5 (14s) : Ask yourself, how many times have you thrown away a food product just because the expiry date said so? Have you ever felt this was a waste? Our Feedle is a product that helps you determine if your food is fresh and safe to eat or should be thrown away - regardless of the expiry date. Slide 6 (12s) : The Feedle is composed of a needle inserted in the given food, and comes with an LED light system that indicates the food's level of freshness. If the light is green, the food is safe to eat. If the light is red, however, the food should not be consumed. How does the Feedle do this? Slide 7 (14s) : Well, the metal needle would contain a dual sensor. We would implement a degradation sensor, similar to sensors being developed at Michigan State University for intelligent packaging. The sensors, located in the needle, are connected through wires to the LED light system that runs into the handle. Slide 8 (14s) : They would detect factors contributing to the decomposition of food, such as temperature, bacteria, ammonia levels and more. Depending on the level of these components, the light will flash either green or red. One part of the Feedle’s dual sensor will detect decay in raw meat, while the other in leftovers. Slide 9 (13s) : As for competitive advantage the thing that makes the Feedle so much better is the fact it can be used for meat and leftovers, rather than just meat, like other products. And for our price we chose to go lower than our competitors, making our price very reasonable. Slide 10 (10s) : The Feedle is for anyone who thinks they waste a lot of food or just wishes to be safe. This could be chefs, parents, or simply you. It is ideal in big cities where food takes time to be shipped and also maintains a shelf-life. Slide 11 (11s) : Once our product is developed, we would give potential consumers free trials allowing us to gain feedback, as well as promotion for our product. We also plan on having an app and a website to provide additional information and order the Feedle online. Slide 12 (4s) : The Feedle. Check first, dig in. Works Cited: 18, 2. S. (2016, December 15). New Report: Food Expiration Date Confusion Causing up to 90% of Americans to Waste Food. Retrieved February 24, 2018, from Food Waste: The Issue of Food Waste. (n.d.). Retrieved February 24, 2018, from GCSE Bitesize: Decay. (n.d.). Retrieved March 02, 2018, from Harvey, C. (2016, May 19). The expiration dates on our food could be contributing to a huge environmental problem. Retrieved February 20, 2018, from New Sensors on Packages Can Detect Spoiled Foods. (n.d.). Retrieved February 27, 2018, from Describe why food spoils. (n.d.). Retrieved March 02, 2018, from


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