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School Name: Hillfield Strathallan College

We are a for-profit charity service that takes dogs/puppies who are on the path of euthanization from local pounds and start them in our program. Our goal is to give a better life to animals and cheer up people who are feeling down. We will bring our animals (bunnies, birds, pigs, dogs) to events, houses and public areas to turn your frown upside down.


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Hello I am Charlotte Sampson and this is Ezra Kam and we are PawPals. PawPals is essentially a 4 profit charity group working to help better the lives of Hamiltonians all around. Not only are we hoping to help provide therapy dogs, therapy dogs, therapy pigs and therapy birds,we are also hoping to help relieve some of the pressure around Hamilton's pounds and pick up strays that may otherwise been put down. So, we cater to hospital patients, children with disorders like mental disorders um nursing homes and basically anyone who feels sad, depressed, and just wants someone or something to cheer them up and so we our main goal is to improve people's moods and also to find homes for animals who may have been euthanised if we hadn't stepped in. Um so our business we're hoping will succeed because we have a very wide target market. We're not exactly exclusive to one groupand pretty much anyone who is feeling sad or in need we're open to them, there is a constant demand, we're not really reccessional um we're a service that regardless of what's happening in the world we can always be used. We're a renewable product so not only when we purchase the pups are we gonna have you know it's not a one time use; they're dogs, they're gonna live but um we're also hoping to start breeding so at the beginning we'll buy some new actual dogs from a ... We already have a corporate sponsor in FetchEyewear and we are just hoping for more investors in the future as we keep developing out business model. And we will breed those dogs from the breeders and then also take in pound dogs later on after we have made puppies and trained those puppies. We're PawPals, thank you.


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