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School Name: John Polanyi Collegiate Institute

We have created a natural skincare line for teens, since they are constantly breaking out from school and other stressors. These products will help benefit them emotional,mentally and physically!


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Hey do you have problems with your skin? Is the school dance coming up? Are exams coming up? is the stress showing up on your face? well we have the products just for you, with T-Natural we acknowledge that teens are constantly breaking out from school and other stressors. regular skincare products are too harsh and further irritate teens youthful skin. Teens can now treat their skin with our natural skincare line that includes exfoliate-rs, moisturizers and toners. A few benefits in our main ingredients are tea tree oil, aloe vera and shea butter. Tea tree oil has been proven to improve skin and treat acne naturally. Aloe vera has anti inflammatory and cooling properties. Shea butter helps fade out dark spots, contains anti inflammatory properties and moisturizes skin. Now a product breakdown our toners are made from water, tea tree oil and aloe vera. Our exfoliate-rs are made from sugar and honey and our last product our moisturizers are made up of a whipped shea butter. Our product will not only help prevent teens skincare but it will also help reduce stress since teens wont have to worry about that upcoming zit. The application of these products should only take about 5-10 minutes of your day. The exfoliate should only be used three times a week whereas the toner and moisturizer once a day prior to rinsing your skin. Our products will be successful because of our large market towards teens, Majority of teens are insecure with their skin & are constantly looking for new products and teens are so desperate for a quick fix that they turn to products with harsh chemicals but with t-natural they don't need to look further. Purchasing these natural products are just as easy as applying them, give us a visit at www.t-natural.ca students also get free shipping worldwide. Also give our social medias a follow so you can be updated with any new upcoming natural products in the works. Teens can now stay natural with T-Natural!


sabrina cazara posted 2017-04-07 8:33pm

This a real problem in the teen world, skincare is so hard to deal with and finding products is even harder. I could defiantly use that exfoliater and moisturizer for my dry skin!

Kar Dharmananda posted 2017-04-06 11:00am

This would be something great to sell at all of those summer trade shows! I would buy this - I am looking for natural creams to use for my skin!

Anna T posted 2017-04-03 7:32pm

Currently breaking out from all these midterms, this would actually be a lifesaver.

Jessica David posted 2017-04-03 7:29pm

Finally something for teens to benefit from physically and mentally

Derick Jafard posted 2017-04-03 6:09pm

Creative yet simple and easy to follow! I would need these products in my life now!


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