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An online platform that connects employers, immigrants, and the community. Immigrants now have a central source for employment opportunities, are able to directly contact others, and may apply for positions as desired. Employers, who need the skills and experience brought by immigrants can post openings and positions on the site. This platform aims to make finding employment easier, through a clear and comprehensive website.


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According to Statistics Canada, 250 thousand immigrants arrive in Canada each year . However, finding employment has always been a problem to consider. Advena provides a online platform for newcomers in the Greater Toronto Area to locate relevant information about employment. Here, employers can post job openings that others can apply for. Let’s look at possible scenario: a computer repair store located in a predominantly Chinese neighbourhood wants to hire a mandarin speaker. Without Advena, the store would have to advertise on several different locations before finding a candidate. Many who have these skills won't be aware of this opening. Employers can now communicate directly with applicants for a more successful process. There are 3 problems our users are facing: New immigrants may feel uneasy asking for advice or have search for openings due to dispersed resources And employers are unable to reach their target audience The solutions Advena provides are threefold. Users are able to: seek guidance from others through our forums Access information organized in a comprehensive manner Employers find unique applicants by searching on Advena As the only website of our kind, Advena appeals to many potential users. since 1981, the immigration rate has never decreased, and employment is a priority for everyone. This ensures a large target market, that the service we provide will be in demand. Our three goals are to create a website, then a mobile app. Then, expanding our geographical location, spanning across all of Canada. Our aim is to help immigrants adjust to their new home by providing them with a way to locate potential employment. This is the start of a new life in Canada. With a new life, comes new challenges. But here at Advena, we trust in the magic of beginnings.


Arushi Wadhwa posted 2017-04-13 8:36pm

@Marra Haile
Team of 2 people

@Sab Hatta
Advena is the latin translation of 'new-comer' or 'immigrant'. We decided on this idea because we believe that it is important to help those who are in need to guidance and support, which are new immigrants.

@Andrea C @Gertrude H @Emily Hutt
Thank you all so much for the feedback!

Arushi Wadhwa posted 2017-04-13 8:33pm

@Ahn Li
Definitely! We believe that offering a platform will help us reach more people and thus expand not only our business, but also the opportunities that new immigrants will have.

@Arianna W
thank for the feedback! Immigrants are a large portion of our population, and the number of immigrants have been increasing over time. Many international equivalents of post-secondary education are not recognized in Canada, making it very hard for immigrants to find jobs when they arrive. Advena would help them to find a job by providing a platform which would allow the to post their job resume and search for potential openings.

@Denna Frogy
Thank you so much!

Arushi Wadhwa posted 2017-04-13 8:27pm

@Brianna T @F Fanele @Tian Yang
Thank you all so much for the feedback!

Arushi Wadhwa posted 2017-04-13 8:26pm

@Yu Chen
Thank you!

@Aaron chen
Thank you! We believe that immigrants are a demographic in Canada that are in need of help and support and furthermore, we believe that not many companies/buisnesses are specifically targeting these people.

@Meghan Conn
Yes, Adevna is the translation of new-coming in latin!

Emily Hut posted 2017-04-05 9:06am



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