My Bag's Bag

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Uploaded by Rachel Lehner in Toronto
Region: Toronto District School Board      Category: Retail Goods
School Name: Forest Hill CI

A see-through cover to protect leather handbags and briefcases from water damage.


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Hi my name is Kate and my name is Rachel and we are here to pitch you our product “My Bag’s Bag.” “My Bag’s Bag” is a product that aims to solve the problem of water damage to leather handbags. It is a waterproof cover to protect handbags from water damage from the rain and snow. It is a sleek see-through shell that you put around your purse that doesn’t compromise the visual integrity of the bag, while still protecting it from the elements. A woman wears a raincoat to protect her clothes, even though her clothing won't be damaged by water. She wears rain boots to protect her feet, even though her feet won't be damaged by water. And she uses an umbrella to protect her hair. But her designer handbag, her expensive prized possession is left the withstand the rain and be permanently damaged. So when it rains, every woman must make the choice of either leaving her gorgeous handbag at home or run the risk of permanently destroying it from the water. Our product will be marketed to any person who carries a leather handbag. Our business will succeed because the handbag industry is a huge one and there is not an item to protect any of those bags. Many purses come with a felt bag to protect it from dust in the closet, but nothing to keep is safe when it rains or snows. The handbag industry is a 10.51 billion dollar industry. The average purse costs $275, which means that approximately 21,200,000 purses are sold annually. This will mean that our clientele continues to grow. We will make money by selling our products direct to consumers and marketing through word of mouth, social media campaigns, and small boutiques. After interviewing many women about how they protect their purse from the rain we have learned that there is definitely a need for our product. Some of our profits will be donated to an ambulance fund. We want the money for our business as that will allow us to create some inventory and begin protecting the world’s purses from water damage.


Vanessa Natasho posted 2017-04-11 12:32pm

So Amazing. I need one.My kate spade bag is the light of my life and i need to protect her

Stacey Bridgeman posted 2017-04-10 4:29pm

Love! Love! Love! Everytime it rains I WISH I had this!!! I hope you win and make this product!!! Me and my mother will buy it!!

Charlie Everglade posted 2017-04-05 5:50pm

I just got a coach purse and I def need on of these

Darwin Spilfogel posted 2017-04-05 5:49pm

This is the best thing that i have ever seen. this is so good. it uses consumerism to your advantage

Danielle Steinman posted 2017-03-29 7:44pm



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